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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions regarding this Tender opportunity, please email them to All questions will be posted and answered here within 2 working days of submission.

Frequently Asked Questions as at 15/01/2020:

  1. Can you confirm that question 8.3 on the questionnaire is a duplication of Q8.2 and does not need to be completed? Question 8.3 is a duplicate and does not need to be answered.
  2. Are all the schools separate legal entities i.e. does each school have their own PAYE reference number and require their own separate payroll to be processed separately? Each school does have its own PAYE reference and does require each payroll to be processed separately.
  3. If each school requires its own payroll, will the pay day be the same for each of the schools? Yes.
  4. Do each of the schools have a separate bank account or the same one? Separate bank accounts.
  5. Please can you confirm whether the schools under the tender are currently under the same terms and conditions of employment. e.g. absence schemes and pensions schemes (LGPS and TPS). The majority of schools are under the same terms and conditions. There are two schools that have recently joined the Trust and currently have slight variations to these.
  6. Please provide a breakdown of the role types across the staff numbers by school (i.e. teaching and non-teaching, permanent, fixed-term and casual), and advise how many staff have more than one role? This information would be disclosed if you are successful in being invited to tender following submission of the Selection Questionnaire.
  7. Can you please confirm the headcount numbers? The total number of employees as at 1st September 2019 was 841 . An updated number of employees will be given to those bidders successfully reaching the Invite To Tender stage of the procurement process.
  8. We would like to express an interest in submitting a proposal for the integrated Payroll and HR Tender. Please can you advise on the most appropriate way to do this? Submit/upload a completed Selection Questionnaire via this portal by the submission date detailed in the OJEU notice.
  9. Can you clarify whether you require HR professional support as part of this tender or do you only require an HR and Payroll integrated system to support your own HR teams? Yes, professional HR support does form a part of the overall tender package.
  10. Is it possible to have 1 weeks extension until 22nd January to provide our response to the selection questionnaire? Unfortunately we are not offering any extensions to the published deadlines at this stage.
  11. Can you confirm who the current supplier(s) is for this service. This information is commercially sensitive and will be disclosed to those bidders successfully reaching the Invite To Tender stage of the procurement process.
  12. Page 3 of the SQ – Can you clarify the amount in the section  Approximate Annual Value of Contract? As per the OJEU Contract notice the estimated total value of the contract is £400,000.00. The estimated annual value of the contract is £80,000.
  13. We would like clarification regarding question 4.1 of the Selection Questionnaire please. The explanatory notes for this section imply that evidence of accounts must be provided, whereas the question itself requires a simple confirmation in the tick box? If you are able to supply one or more of the requested documents, please do so at the time of submission. If you tick to say you are able to supply this and cannot then fulfill this when requested at a later date you will fail this section.
  14. How many schools are part of the Trust? 9
  15. Could the Trust please clarify the reasons for a requirement for public and product liability insurance for a remotely provided payroll service? The service being tendered is a fully integrated HR & Payroll Service which would include providing advice and guidance, as well as processing of confidential and sensitive personal information. it is not purely a remotely provided payroll service.
  16. We would expect the contractor’s liability to be limited (where it can legally be limited) to the annual value of the contract and would wish to clarify the reasons for a requirement to hold professional indemnity insurance for a value greater than the level of liability to be borne by the contractor? The service being tendered is a fully integrated HR & Payroll Service which would include providing legal HR advice and guidance, which has determined the level of insurance required.
  17. Can ZIP Files be uploaded to the Portal? Unfortunately the Portal does not accept ZIP files and all documents to be submitted should be uploaded individually, clearly identifiable to the supplier submitting them .

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